McCusker Family Visit

Yay – Adam, Christin, Amber, and Julie all came to visit us here in Redmond, WA for a week in August, 2011. We had a fun and full week of activities…

  • Pike Place Market and some great clam chowder
  • Duck Tour ride in an amphibious vehicle around downtown Seattle and on Lake Union
  • Dinner at the Sky City restaurant at the top of the Seattle Space Needle
  • Hiking Little Si (4 mile hike with a 1,200 feet elevation gain); Darius made it completely up and down on his own without any whining!
  • Rented a boat and spent about 7 hours cruising both Lake Union and Lake Washington; Julie was an excellent pilot
  • Paintball in Puyallup
  • Touring the Microsoft campus (I know, I know, but they actually enjoyed it)
  • and lots of great food… Persian food at Caspian Grill, Flying Saucer Pizza, Red Mango, plus homemade dishes

    EMP Rockers


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