Leaving WA – 2012

Leaving Microsoft to join Roku meant a move (again) from Redmond, WA to San Jose, CA.

In the collection of images below, the marjority are a pictorial walk-through of our Redmond house once we had it ready to sell. Perusing the pictures, you may notice that a majority of the house, or rooms anyway, belonged to Darius! He ruled the place :-) The other thing you may notice is the size of our Redmond house… yeah, it was pretty large, which made it all the harder moving into our next home at half the size (but no cheaper). However, our CA home comes with a lot more sunshine, so while it may be a smaller indoors we hope to spend more time outdoors.

We didn’t move from one home straight into another. After selling the WA house and buying the CA house, we stayed in an extended stay hotel for 2 months while our CA house underwent major interior remodeling. But that’s a story unto itself.

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