Goodbye 2012

Well, another great and eventful year has passed, complete with ups and downs.

We got a lot of snow in January; yeah, here’s a street in our Redmond neighborhood…

January snow - Redmond 2012

We celebrated Darius’ 8th birthday with some of his closest friends at a Lucky Strikes (food, bowling, and video arcade fun)…


As much as Ali loved working on the Xbox team, the allure of California and especially Silicon Valley was simply too great. Admittedly, it was difficult to leave Redmond. We got our home looking so good, Steph didn’t want to sell it!

WA House - Family Rm

Ali said his goodbyes to Microsoft…

Goodbye Microsoft

…and got a job at Roku, in Saratoga, CA (Silicon Valley area). He went ahead of us, driving his Mini on a 3 day journey from Washington through Oregon and into California. The coastal drive down was beautiful.

Oregon coastal view seen during 3 day drive from WA to CA

We sold our WA home in pretty quick time, given the state of things. Luck was with us as we found a CA home very quickly and actually negotiated the price down. This was our first time as homeowners with a swimming pool!

CA Home

Once the house was ours, a 2 month interior remodeling project started… walls, floors, lighting, hvac, kitchen, electrical, etc. Here’s a sample before and during shot…

CA House - Living room 01Living room 02Living room 03Living room 10

CA home kitchen, dining rm, living rm, and office

Of course, Jim and Marjan were glad to have us close (before they returned to LA!)…

Marjan and Jim

…and it was nice to reunite with ex-Microsoft co-workers and friends…


Meanwhile, Steph and Darius had their own family reunion with an aunt and the grandparents in Prescott, AZ…

Darius and Grandpa - Apr 2012

Darius and Grandma - Apr 2012

Darius and Kim - Apr 2012

Darius finally found a haircut that suits him; we know it’s not newsworthy, but the picture was so cute we had to include it…

Darius' Cool Haircut

While the CA house was being remodeled, Ali spent two months sleeping on a friend’s couch, and Steph and Darius got to visit Kim in Virginia…

Steph, Kim, and Darius by White House


Darius and Lincoln

When Steph and Darius made the final move to CA, Ali introduced Darius to all the old-school arcade games in Roku’s breakroom. Now, Darius asks to go to Roku every weekend!

Darius, Dad, and Asteroids

Swimming in our new pool was fun, even though the water was still cold.

Freezing Darius

Darius went on a field trip aboard the USS Hornet; his first time on an aircraft carrier…

Darius on the USS Hornet

Later in August, Steph and Darius returned to WA for a heritage camp, complete with yurts…

Darius and a Kazahk yurt

Hey, whaddya know, they have pumpkin patches in CA, too…

Darius and Steph at pumpkin patch

Darius took his 3rd grade picture; boy, is he looking older…

Darius 3rd Grade

And finally, we rounded out the year with a peaceful Christmas holiday in our new home complete with a Wookie…

Darius and the Wookie

As we say goodbye to 2012, we wish all of you a happy and healthy 2013.

Hiking Quicksilver Trail


  1. Our Family » Goodbye 2012
    December 30, 2012

    […] Goodbye 2012 […]

  2. Bond
    December 30, 2012

    Most awesomest 2012 pics and memories ever!!
    I used to be an Asteroids/Centipede/Pac-Man “champ”!

  3. Shawna
    December 31, 2012

    Looks like 2012 was full of adventures, but most important happiness. Love you guys!

  4. Vanessa
    January 6, 2013

    What an eventful year for you guys! Thank you for sharing with us!!


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