Goodbye 2011

Like most of you, we’re wondering how 2011 seemed to fly by so quickly! We were just talking with a long time friend about how the years go by faster as you get older. As a kid, even a day seemed to last forever. Now, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. For us, some memorable highlights of this past year included…

We celebrated birthdays, of course. Darius turned 7, Steph hit 44 (and 44 hit back with a painful frozen shoulder), and the growing number of white hairs ushered in 46 and a mid-life crisis for Ali (see Mini Cooper purchase below =). Our family website launched, finally. Although in this day and age with Facebook and so many other online resources, I think a personal website feels a bit old fashioned somehow! Neverthelesss…


Darius enjoyed his first ever sparkler this 4th of July, as we decided to celebrate at home with our own fireworks. Sometimes, it’s these little moments that can mean the most =)

Darius' first 4th of July with our own fireworks

Ali pedaled his bike from Seattle to Portland this past July, and raised some money for the fight against children’s cancer. Many thanks to his support crew (Steph, Darius, and Kim) and all donors.

STP Ride Collage


We started hiking a lot more of our Pacific Northwest trails. We had to get Darius in shape for the McCusker’s visit and the hike we had planned. The little guy actually hiked some 4-5 mile trails with moderate difficulty levels; impressive.

Darius and dad hiking

Steph and Darius Hiking

Ali’s sister, Christine, and her family finally came to visit us (McCusker’s visit)! This was a first and a very memorable occasion… we had a great time and learned we don’t want to paintball ever again. Our hearts and house felt so empty when they left, but we look forward to our next reunion.

Family Hike

Ali cracked a couple of ribs mountain biking. Just being consistent with years past =)


Darius started home-schooling this year and the benefits are clear. He enjoys learning while jumping on his trampoline, and all of the funny characters that Steph uses to teach different subjects.

Darius' new classroom at home

Darius officially branched out of cartoons and is now enjoying such TV shows as Myth Busters, Storm Chasers, and other natural disaster shows. He also sat through his first feature length movie, Dolphin Tale.

Steph paraglided! Yeah, she really did.

Steph Paragliding

Ali got a Mini Cooper S and fell in love with driving again.

Mini Front Angle

Johnny actually came out again to visit. Although it was only for a short weekend, it sure was great to have him here.

John came up North again to visit us.

Steph and Ali went to Microsoft’s IEB holiday party at the famous Experience Music Project (EMP) and got to see Cee Lo Green perform; we also geeked out a bit at the Avatar exhibit (last year we geeked out at the Battlestar Galactica exhibit).

Steph standing in the shoes of a Navee (or Na'vi)

Darius lost a lot of his baby teeth.

Toothless Darius

    Looking forward, we wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and fulfilling 2012. More love and hugs to you all.

Leaving WA for CA - 2012

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